Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia

Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia Activated Carbon Big Quantities

Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia for Activated Carbon and Briquette Shisha Cube

Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia

Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia – Coconut Shell Charcoal Indonesia is the main ingredient in the manufacture of Activated Carbon. This coconut shell charcoal must be processed again to be activated and the carbon ignited. EASTURA, which is a supplier of coconut charcoal from Indonesia, also distributes it to local and international markets.

Coconut charcoal importers from Malaysia, China, Korea, and Vietnam usually import charcoal from Indonesia. This is because charcoal from Indonesia has good quality. Even several Chinese activated carbon factories also import coconut shell charcoal from Indonesia.

Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia which is not respected in Indonesia, it turns out that it can also be used for briquettes which have a higher economic value. For the market, coconut shell charcoal briquette is usually sent to shisha users in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Russia, EUA, and Dubai.

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Indonesian Coconut Charcoal Factory for Export

Coconut Charcoal Indonesia Activated Carbon Manufacturer

Coconut shell charcoal is a type of charcoal made from old coconut shells that are dry and free of fibers. The process of making a coconut shell charcoal factory in Indonesia is done by burning coconut shells.

There are several ways to burn it, for example burning it in a drum, burning it in a hole in the ground or in a cement excavation, or cooking it using a stove.

Meanwhile, from the method of extinguishing it, there are only 2 ways that farmers usually do it, namely extinguishing in a vacuum or the usual term is empty death and extinguishing by dousing it with water.

But to be known, farmers absolutely do not allow extinguishing using seawater. Why? will be discussed in the next article.

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Types of coconut shell charcoal based on its function

There are several types of coconut shell charcoal when divided according to their functions, namely:

  1. Restaurant shell charcoal
  2. Coconut shell charcoal for a briquette manufacturing plant
  3. Coconut shell charcoal for making activated carbon

Types of shell charcoal based on its size

Coconut Shell Charcoal From Indonesia

When viewed from its size, there are several types of coconut shell charcoal, namely:

  1. Original coconut shell charcoal
  2. Mesh size charcoal
  3. Powdered charcoal
  4. Sieve/ash charcoal

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Types of shell charcoal based on specifications

When viewed from the specifications, several types of coconut shell charcoal are divided into:
  1. Shell Charcoal Coconut Indonesia Water content 10% (top grade)
  2. Coconut Shell Charcoal water content max 12% (active carbon)
  3. Charcoal coconut water content max 15% (briquettes)
Meanwhile, besides the water content, the specifications that are usually asked about coconut shell charcoal manufacture are the dust content. Dust content is the ratio of how many pieces are in the form of dust particles in 1 sack of coconut shell charcoal.

Benefits of Activated Carbon with Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut From Indonesia

Of the many benefits of coconut shell charcoal for carbon, it usually has a lot of benefits. However, we will explain a little about the benefits of activated carbon from coconut charcoal from Indonesia.

  • Activated carbon can be used for various applications such as:
  • Water purifiers
  • Air Purifiers
  • Aquarium/aquascape
  • other purifier applications

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Apart from that, EASTURA will explain a little about activated carbon which you can see below

Uses of activated carbon:

  • Groundwater remediation
  • Filtration of drinking water
  • Air purification
  • Filtration of volatile organic compounds from chemicals, such as during painting, fuel processing, and the like
  • Waste screening
  • Purification of volatiles, odors, exhaust gases, toxic compounds
  • Maximize the purity of gold obtained by filtering gold

Activated carbon is a material that has pores, and these pores serve to absorb whatever is passed through (water, air).

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EASTURA has supplied coconut shell charcoal which is used as carbon raw material for activated carbon factories in China. For those of you who need a supply of coconut shell charcoal for activated carbon factories, you can contact EASTURA by clicking on the image below to connect with EASTURA’s official WhatsApp.

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