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Introduction of EASTURA Indonesia and Coconut Derivatives Products

Eastura Indonesia - Reliable Coconut Derivative Product Supplier

Coconut Derivatives Product Supplier – Eastura, which is well-known as an export company, now has many products that can be exported to various countries in the world. people can take advantage of processed products produced from naturally processed products. Several products from coconut derivative products produced by Eastura use 100% of the best and selected coconuts. Eastura also has market sectors ranging from briquettes, oil, and also coconut fiber. All of these are made for the needs of different markets.

Eastura itself has many products that can bring benefits to importers from certain countries. There are many products from Eastura Indonesia. Starting from coconut oil such as RBD, VCO, CNO, and CFAD. Then there is the coconut shell processing sector such as cocopeat, cocofiber, and coconut shell charcoal briquettes. The last sector product is derivatives of other coconut products such as desiccated coconut and edible grade white copra.

Many people don’t understand that what they think is a garbage can turns out to be a valuable item in the international market. For example, coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha/hookah needs. RBD Coconut oil for frying and cooking, even for the beauty and cosmetic industries. There are other products from the coconut fiber sector, such as cocopeat for organic growing media which is easy to absorb and store water.

Coconut Derivatives Product Supplier of Briquette Charcoal

Briquette charcoal itself is a preparation of coconut shell charcoal for the use of shisha cigarettes in the Middle East. The majority of the middle eastern population uses this shisha as a daily necessity. We can see shisha in various corners of the city. This shisha can be used if there is coconut shell charcoal burning at the top of their hookah.

Not only in the Middle East, in some other places such as Indonesia and Malaysia, you can also find the existence of this hookah. Even though it looks like garbage, this coconut shell charcoal can be of high selling value if we can process it. Thus, there is quite a large market that can be reached with this coconut shell. Eastura as The Leading Indonesia Coconut Supplier finally helped to meet the needs of the coconut shell charcoal market.

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Coconut Derivative Product Supplier of Coco Oil

It is not new when we discuss coconut oil exports. In Europe, many importers take coconut oil products from Indonesia. In the beauty and food industry, it is very common to use coconut-derived products. Eastura is an Indonesian coconut oil supplier that can be a supplier for your company.

Products that Eastura is ready to supply include RBD Coconut oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, and Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate. Eastura can supply from 20-40ft HC to meet your company’s demands. Our packaging ranges from jerry cans to drum stell which is of course safe for overseas shipments.

Eastura Reliable Coconut Derivative Product Supplier

Other Coconut Derivative Products that Eastura Supply

Eastura provides as Coconut Derivatives Product Supplier also supply in 2 kinds of products. These include desiccated coconut and copra. Desiccated coconut from Indonesia or usually referred to as DC works very well for you entrepreneurs in the confectionery and bread industry. Eastura provides this DC with no other additions. Shredded and dried is the DC we provide. DC itself has a fairly high content of fat, protein fiber, vitamins and minerals, and resembles coconut in general.

For those who don’t know what copra is? Copra is the meat of dried coconut. Copra is a raw material for producing coconut oil. Margarine and Shortening are the results of processing from Copra. Eastura, which is an Indonesian White Copra supplier, is ready to compete and provide for the needs of foreign markets.

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