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Coco Peat Indonesia by Eastura

Using Coco Peat Indonesia – Coco peat is a planting medium that replaces soil made from processed coconut husks. In Indonesia, most coconut coir is not worth selling and even become waste. Cocopeat is produced from coconut coir which is processed in such a way that it makes organic growing media. Cocopeat from Indonesia has very good quality and is able to compete in foreign markets. Coco peat from Indonesia is interested in China, Japan, the United States, and several European countries.

Cocopeat has the property of being able to hold or absorb air very well. In addition, Using Coco Peat Indonesia for plants is good to use because it has pores that facilitate air circulation and the entry of sunlight. With such a basis, Indonesian coco peat can make plants thrive and the soil becomes fertile with the help of fertilizers.

Cocopeat Indonesia is one of the organic growing media that has advantages when compared to other growing media. Among other things, the texture of this cocopeat resembles soil, can absorb water very well, and is also pest resistant. Apart from the advantages, of course, cocopeat also has disadvantages. Cocopeat has negative properties such as not being sterile from pathogens, less suitable for plants that do not like wet. The last negative effect is that it does not contain nutrients or is inert.


Using Coco Peat Indonesia For Plants

Coco Peat Indonesia for Plants

The number of coconuts in Indonesia is one of the reasons EASTURA is here to provide Cocopeat Indonesia for Plants. With the tagline De toonaangevende leverancier van kokosnoten in Indonesië, Indonesian coco peat can be produced in very large quantities. This happens because of the location of Indonesia which consists of thousands of islands and has a tropical climate. Cocopeat which is a coconut derivative product from Indonesia is also very popular, especially in the Middle East.

Coco peat from Indonesia has various forms. Cocopeat Indonesia has packaging that starts from bulk, blocks, long packing, and others. One of the most popular is Cocopeat Block Indonesia. Thus the use of Indonesian coco peat is easier to find and use for industries that require this coconut planting medium.


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