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Coconut Oil Supplier From Indonesia

Coconut oil from Indonesia – The Indonesian coconut tree is famous for the tree of a million benefits. Every part of this coconut plant can be used from the top to the bottom. Each part of the coconut has its own function to be processed into coconut derivative products. Therefore, coconut is called a tree of a million benefits.

In this discussion, the manufacture of Indonesian coconut oil uses coconut parts which can be referred to as copra. Copra is the meat of coconuts that are dried and reprocessed into coconut oil. Copra can be processed into several coconut derivative products. It is like Crude Coconut Oil, RBD Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and CFAD. However, do you know how to make this coconut oil?

Making good coconut oil requires good raw materials as well. One of them is Coconut from Indonesia. Indonesian coconut is the best quality coconut in the world. With these good raw materials, coconut oil can be made with the best quality for human needs. Eastura Coco Indonesia is a company that uses selected quality raw materials. The main requirement is that the coconut must be around 300 days old for the manufacture of coconut oil. Why? Because copra with these specs has a lot of oil to be produced as a coconut oil product.

7 Advantages You Get from Coconut Oil

Eastura Coconut Oil Supplier From Indonesia

We will summarize this coconut fruit which has many benefits for the good of your body. We discuss these benefits directly based on the benefits of coconut oil, not from the fruit. Some of you may be familiar, but we will remind you how good it is to consume coconut oil in your daily life.

  1.  Good effect for fat burning

    Coconut Oil is known as a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs which can increase the number of calories your body burns. One product that is suitable for burning fat is Virgin Coconut Oil from Indonesia

  2. A quick source of energy

    Coconut oil has good benefits in energy absorption. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which creates energy that your body can absorb and use.

  3. Antimicrobial effects

    How great are the benefits of this coconut oil? Indonesian coconut oil has a content called Lauric acid and has antimicrobial properties against various microorganisms that are not needed by the body. These microorganisms are not good for the body and are harmful.

  4. Reduce hunger

    Compounds that again bring good benefits to the body are the MCTs that EASTURA has described in the first point. This substance can reduce hunger in the human body. But back again to the response of the body of someone who consumes this coconut oil.

  5. Boost skin health

    Not always for food, some people who consume coconut oil for skin are also found. The goal is for the health of their skin. They use authentic Indonesian coconut oil to moisturize their skin. Even the beauty and cosmetic industries also use coconut oil as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of their products.

  6. Antioxidant source

    Many people do not know the many uses of coconut oil. One of them is that it contains antioxidant compounds. This anti-oxidant is useful as an anti-inflammatory for the human body. Another advantage of coconut oil is that it is anti-diabetic and can also protect the brain from Alzheimer’s.

  7. Protect your hair

    Coconut oil can be used to protect hair from brittleness. Coconut oil is unique because can easily seep into every strand of hair. This makes hair more flexible and also strengthens brittle hair.

Reliable Supplier of Coconut Oil

EASTURA coco is one of the companies that are able to supply coconut oil in Indonesia in large quantities. For those of you who are new to EASTURA, we are one of The Leading Indonesia Coconut suppliers who are ready to meet your needs. If you need product specifications that EASTURA sells, you can access them directly in the product menu on the EASTURA website. You can also directly download the complete coconut oil catalog you need.

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